How to Survive Starting a New Business

help people with brands for a living. No matter what brand I am dealing with, there’s one thing that doesn’t change, the energy the start brings. Starting a new business, or launching new brand is intensely exciting and utterly overwhelming. It invigorates me up to see new business owners taking the giant leap and releasing their passion to the world. Throwing all their time, energy and finances into a giant bowl of unknown, often giving up the world they know – normal full-time jobs, spending time with family or loved ones, or a completely new career.

It’s exciting; you are totally and utterly consumed with thought – but what comes up must come down, and I can guarantee every business owner has gone through an emotional avalanche of self doubt and complete physical annihilation from overthinking their new business. Recently going through it myself, here are seven tips on staying sane and harnessing the energy of launching a new business.

1.  Write it out

A notebook is your best friend when you first have an idea. If you’re obsessed with it, you’ll find yourself thinking about it everywhere you go – to the pub, first thing in the morning, in the shower, on the commute, right before you fall asleep.  The notebook will be your sole journal through the creative process of your new idea. Pinterest, an image bookmarking website is another great tool if you like surfing the web and want to keep an online, more visual diary.

2.  Gauge the workload – properly

Once your idea is established and you have a solid business plan, It’s a good idea to gauge what you’re really in for. I would suggest to start using project management tools to map out your path. Personally, I have found things like Trello to be incredibly useful to break down your day into simple, achievable tasks.


Trello helps me see what’s to do, work in progress, and set reminders and notes for myself.

3.  Talk it out

There’s an unspoken rule that when you come up with that cool idea, you shouldn’t tell anyone just in case they steal it. I find the opposite is helpful. The people around you are your support base, talking to someone can help you outline your idea more easily, provide another perspective or simply help take the load off, all allowing you to think more clearly. If that isn’t a good enough excuse to go enjoy yourself and socialize for a day, I don’t know what is.

4.  Invest in yourself

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. There is bound to be something in your plan that you are not that good at, or have never done before. Take these as challenges, not problems, this is your chance to invest in yourself – take some time to watch some tutorials, talk to a professional, or simply learn something new. I have found YouTube and can be absolute life-savers.

5.  Embrace the energy

You’re excited, I get it. At the start it’s probably going to keep you up at night in anticipation – and you will wake up energized, but later you’re going to need your sleep. Not enough energy? Get some sleep – adequate sleep will help memory, creativity, attention, and improve you general mental wellbeing. Too much energy? Box, run, kick the footy, dance, lift, whatever you have to do. Physical exercise is key in expelling tension and maintaining peak performance – whatever you are doing. For me, the Coogee Beach Fitness Club brings good vibes, great facilities, fantastic classes and a beach!

6.  Give yourself time

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Personally, I would recommend spending 6 months planning for the launch of a new business, but it is completely dependent on your business set up, your experience and your life! Six months would allow me to give myself a little time to think about everything, get everything out of my head and on to paper, do a great lot of research and fine-tune everything. Remember, you’re the boss now – you make the deadlines.

7.  Go easy on yourself

For most people, starting a business might only happen once in a lifetime. Your hardest client with be yourself, you probably want to take full control of everything yourself, and you probably won’t hesitate to burn the candle at both ends. Take some time to connect with your family, your friends, nature and yourself. Top up your vitamin D by going for a bushwalk, cook a meal for your friends, listen to music, paint a picture, plant a vegetable garden, or try some chill time doing yoga and meditation. I subscribe to the Headspace meditation app and love the classes with Jane at Ocean Zen!

Finding the right balance is going to be tricky when you want to pour your whole life, soul and finances into your next break-through project, my final advice is simply to enjoy the ride.

One Tiny Horse

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